Who is Kyauta Lucas

Luke Kyauta

Who is Kyauta Lucas


Kyauta Lucas also known as Luke was born in Ogbomosho city in Oyo state, in the Year 2001. He is also a content creator and Nigerian skit maker which goes by the name Lucasdusky.



Kyauta Lucas was born in Ogbomosho city in Oyo state, in the Year 2001.
After birth, they relocated to Keffi, Nassarawa state. This relocation was due to the nature of his father’s job (His dad was a policeman).
They later moved to k-vom plateau state where they stayed for some while. Then finally relocated to Karmo, Abuja.
Lucas and his parents stayed at a rented apartment for some while in Karmo, then later moved to a house of their own where they stayed for a year before the 2006 demolition of Abuja.
They were forced out of their home due to the demolition and had to relocate once more to a rented apartment in a place called Idu, Abuja.
Idu was where Lucas spent most of his childhood.

Kyauta Lucas is also known as Luke, which is his birth name. He is a skit maker, video editor, filmmaker, content creator, and entrepreneur.



Kyauta Luke Secondary Scholl
Kyauta lucas in Government Secondary School Bwari (2016)

Lucas attended a small local lesson where they paid ten naira every day to learn.

At age four he was taken to school to start schooling.
He attended Adom international school in Karmo (2005 – 2006). until eventually the demolition which moved them.
He later switched to a government school LEA Primary School Idu Koro, Abuja (2006 – 2008).
Then later moved to Ecwa Goodnews Academy Karmo (2008 – 2011).
Wrote common entrance exam and started Junior secondary school Gwagwa Tasha (2011 – 2014)

After Junior secondary school Lucas was posted to a boarding school ” Government secondary school Bwari, Kuduru ” (2014 – 2017).

The experiences Lucas had in a boarding school for three years were part of the things that built and prepared him for Life, so he shared with the press.



After secondary school in my country, the next big thing na to find handwork as a typical Nigerian ? lols (In Nigeria after High school before getting admission into any Nigerian university parents often engage their children in learning skills).

While Lucas was still in JSS 2 he started learning generator repairs (mechanic), So upon the conclusion of his secondary school, he went back to his mechanic shop to continue with his apprenticeship.

But while doing this Lucas felt he wasn’t making enough money as a teenager to keep up with his needs, so he quit going to the mechanic shop because as an apprentice he’s not getting paid at all.

Lucas never really liked getting dirty at a mechanic shop, but his dad placed him there to kind of keep him off the streets.


Lucas Take On Waiter Jobs Part Time
Lucas Take On Waiter Jobs Part Time With Some Of His Friends

After leaving his apprentice shop, Lucas needed a job to help him provide his needs and at that moment he needed a new android phone in preparation for college… (lols this might not seem to be big deal to some people but to Lucas, it really meant a lot ).

His dad protested him doing any job but Lucas can be a strong head sometimes. He later started working at a car wash where he was paid five hundred naira per day, The pay wasn’t good but he had no options.

With time he got tired of the pay and left. Got a new job hawking peak milk (lols many might not believe this)

In between the hawking, he also does usher jobs at events as a waiter part-time.

Lucas hawked peak milk for six months then later quit the job after he got enough money to get himself a new phone.

After quitting he later started working in a pure water factory. He followed trucks around town to go distribute pure water in his local area.



Lucas later gained admission into the University of Abuja to study Crop science Agriculture around late 2018 but resumption was held back due to the ASUU strike.

In 2019 the strike was resolved and Lucas started school. He was staying in a rented off-campus apartment.
Two weeks into university life was when sadness struck him to the death of his father.
This was a major breakdown for him, but anyways he didn’t let it make him lose his focus.

He manages to stand out among his peers with a good average grade of second class upper in his department.



Lucas’s skit career was triggered by funny memes, he took funny pictures of people and made memes out of it.

During his second semester of 100level Lucas developed an interest in making skits himself.
And one day he just made the bold step of trying it out. He started this out with two of his friends.
His roommate and the other a department mate. Anthony Ngara and Omeiza Ibrahim (sets era).

At that time Omeiza helped with the videoing aspect.
Lucas’s first-ever skit was shot with an itel phone (itel p32) which he was using at that time.

He posted the video to his department Whatsapp group chat. And boom the magic happened Lucas became the talk of the week, many said they found it hilarious.

Then was the birth of the skit-making career ever since then Lucas has dedicated his time to making skits.
To read more about the skit-making adventure click here.


During Lucas’s life, he got exposed to great people, great men, and legends by reading their books.

That gave birth to the ENTREPRENEUR dream, Lucas got exposed to reading books by his senior brother Kyauta Seth. He read books about business, life, psychology, entrepreneurship, and human behavior. Over time Lucas realized what he really wanted to become in life. A great businessman.

So while pushing his skit-making career he needed cash on the side to help fund his dreams so he started taking lessons on website design.
And later started hitting up clients for jobs via Instagram. Then he later started a branding company called LegittIDEAS.

To learn more about the LegittIDEAS company Click Here

And the rest was history.

For now, this was all we have about Kyauta Lucas, we will certainly keep this article updated with time.


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