Tiendasports NG

Service Rendered – Web Development

Website Maintenance – N/A

Tienda Sports NG is an Online store in Nigeria, They sell Sports and Gym Equipment.

The website developed for Tiendasports is an E-commerce website and it consisted of many pages, and archives.

The website consisted of three major pages and the rest were archives.

Home Page

Shop Page

Contact Us

The website is developed to accept orders online using card payment.

NB: The Product Images has nothing to do with our designs, those were the provided images by the clients and we have no association to it


The website has a “My Account Dashboard” 

It allows People to sign in to the website and own a profile.

The Dashboard area has details of customers contact informations and previous purchases.

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Footomania World Wide

Footomania world wide is an online footwear store.  The website is integrated with an online payment system. Paystack is used to accept online payment.  Footomania delivers to every location in Nigeria

Pages Included

Pages in the site include : Home page, Shop page, Contact Us page, Categories, My account page, Checkout page, Cart page.

Services we provided:

  • Web development
  • Website design
  • Online store integration

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Maintenance and Support