The secret behind branding

The secret Triangle behind branding and logo design

The secret Triangle behind branding and logo design is the reason why companies like Apple, Adidas, Target, Amazon, Nike, Starbucks e.t.c are successful.

Understand the concept that

The design we make is for the company, but the company needs the design for the customers, and the Customers gut feeling about the company is the Brand

The secret Triangle behind branding and logo design, It’s the one secret you must know

It’s why many businesses don’t succeed no matter what they do.

It’s the reason why Apple, Amazon, Target, Nike, and Starbucks is successful.

Without the understanding of this triangle, your business might bleed to death


Here is the Triangle

Triangle Of Branding
Triangle Of Branding


It’s the relationship between the company, the brand, and it’s customers.


As the pace of business quickens and the number of brands multiplies,

Its customers, not companies, decide which brand lives and which ones dies


Here is the triangle of branding theory from a BRAND designer’s POV.


The design we make is for the company  but the company needs the design for the customer

and the customers gut feeling about the company is the BRAND

Important Note: is to learn to let go and let the brand flow through the Triangle

What are your thoughts, and knowledge concerning Branding?

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