Nike Is an Idea Thief, They Stole My Idea

Nike is an Idea thief , They stole my Idea
Nike Stole My Idea,


Apple stole my Idea see story , My Ideas was stolen by Mark Zuckerberg (Cameron Winklevoss)

Nike Is One of the biggest brands when it comes to sports shoes and training gear. Is Nike an Idea Thief?

Why do we end up most times with the thought that someone has stolen our idea

here’s why.

The 4 P’s


1. We Procrastinate over an idea.

I use to suffer from this because I thought the idea was mine,
Here’s how I see ideas now, they are infinite spirit
or energy flowing to and through us (everyone).
From this point of view, no one really has an idea of their own.

it’s all about who first speaks and acts on them.

2. We get stuck in the planning phase, we never get to the execution,

mostly because we deceive ourselves with the lie that we want to get
into the execution of the idea fully prepared we get stuck with our ideas in just a planning phase.

3. We didn’t Perceive long enough for the manifestation of the idea.
you got fed up with the gestation process.

4. We are friends with Mr. Perfection. the plan is not good enough for us

We forget that the idea is not ours for keeping, it is for us to
share it.

we give ourselves too many Ts to cross and Is to dot.

How do you get to bring your ideas into manifestation?


Is Nike an Idea Thief? How do I prevent Nike from stealing my idea?

just let it be, it flows to and through you, so don’t
hold it to yourself.

do you think I over-exaggerated the points? let us know in the comment section


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