Learn High Income Skills in 2022

High Income Skills in 2022

Learn High Income Skills in 2022


Your 2022 might end up like 2021 and this is one of the reasons

You decided to learn a high income skills in 2022, you have a big goal for the year

maybe it’s learning a new skill

you’ve got all the courses and workshop training for this skill

You’ve gone through them, great

and you’re going through them for the second time, and for the third time

and for the… God knows how times now.

Now you’re sure of all the formulas and hacks for the new skill,

You start working on them, practicing what you’ve learned

but you hit a bump, and all you are doing is going sideways,

You don’t understand, you are doing exactly what you see but still, yours is a mess.

and then you return to the courses and materials. and you’re now focused on the material with more force.

then you got stuck on reading and memorization.

while you should be focused on understanding and application of what you’re learning.

you’re scared of messing up and the process seems too hard to bear.

Your fear of messing up is now surpassing your will to grow.

Things you should always remember throughout 2022

These few simple rule if understood will make your 2022 much better than your 2021.

All change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.
Everything you now find easy you first found difficult. With consistent
practice, getting up with the sun will become your new normal. And

Start with a small simple step (S3). The tiniest action you can take to get closer to your goal, start small, keep it simple, and take a step

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Go through; The 5 am Club book by Robin Sharma
Limitless book by Jim Kwik for deep insight into these


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