Don’t make these common business mistakes

Don't make these common business mistakes

DON’T Make these common business mistakes, First impressions matter do you know that?


I had the opportunity to work with a few guys on a project some months back.

Among these guys, one was a person who takes delight in how he dresses and how he looks.

He puts his energy into looking good.


While the other guy was a guy that dresses with anything he sees in his closet.

When I was first introduced to these guys my basic judgment was that the guy that dresses well is the cool guy while the other guy was a wacko.


Now when we started working together I soon realized the person I thought was the cool guy was the wacko.

This guy had a fixed mindset in doing stuff, He was a bit annoying, He wasn’t COOL.


when I say cool I meant he is a person who still sticks to whatever bullshit or lies he was told while growing up.


On the other hand, the guy I thought was a wacko was actually a nice person, he was more open-minded, was open to learning, and had more of a positive energy.

Now why does first impression matter


The guy that looked like a wacko had the best to offer but was judged based on his poor appearance, though after relating with him I got to realize he was more of a nice person than the other.


The lesson here


You might be running a business you have a great value to offer, but you might not be able to communicate this immediately to people.


Sometimes people want proof first, they want to test you and know you’re better,

and once they realize you’re good they’ll keep coming back to you because you’ve earned their trust.


Where the problem lies now is the fact that to gain their trust you are already battling with other competitors.


How customers mostly choose who to patronize sometimes when they are skeptical is mostly through your visual presentation and authenticity.


The three steps of patronage.


1. Prospects first get distracted by your beautiful visuals.

It could be how modest and nice your logo is, or how nicely your banner/flyer is designed.


2. Research – After getting distracted by your nice visual presentation, prospects just don’t place an order or anything yet.

They go over to check your media pages, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

And note that how organized these pages are strengthened their trust in you.

Some may even want to see a website before they really trust you enough to give you their money.


3. Trust level – Before prospects place an order, up until that moment they are still feeling skeptical about whether you are worth their money or not.

Then they wait to get their package, once you deliver to them and they realize it’s okay, that’s where the trust comes in.

Once they’ve patronized you they’ll start feeling safe to get other things from you.

Now they’ll trust and believe you to the extent that they’ll be recommending you to all their friends (Woohoo…Free marketing) .


Yes, yes yes…..

Once a customer trust you, he/she can even bring in more customers to you than any ads you might run because they will always serve as an assurance of your services to other skeptical people out there too.


Do you want to make sure you build trust with your clients today and avoid these common business mistakes?


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