Legittideas is a digital branding agency, which specializes in taking your Business to another level, increase your sales and build more credibility for your business.

A business first impression matters and that’s what we here at legittideas do for you.
We brand your business by giving you top notch designs that will make your business stand out.

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Personal story

The founder of legittideas is Kyauta Luke also known as Lucas or Lucasdusky on IG/ Lucas is a skit maker, content creator, comedian, actor, video/visual editor, film maker, web designer and an aspiring entrepreneur.


He has a great passion for video editing which he uses multiple editing tricks to make people laugh through skit making. See videos


While pursuing his dreams of film making, it wasn’t an easy journey he needed cash to fund his dreams also, so he started taking night classes on website design.

Lucas was taking a free web design course online and because of the high cost of data in Nigeria he always sacrifices his sleep every night to stream his web lessons.



Over the years Lucas has been able to connect with other creative people and build a team around them.


Over the years Lucas has been able to connect with other creative

people and build a team around them.

Luke Kyauta

Kyauta Luke


Web Developer

Victor Kyauta

Kyauta Victor

Graphic Designer

Seth Kyauta

Kyauta Seth

Marketing Strategist

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Footomania World Wide

Footomania world wide is an online footwear store.  The website is integrated with an online payment system. Paystack is used to accept online payment.  Footomania delivers to every location in Nigeria

Pages Included

Pages in the site include : Home page, Shop page, Contact Us page, Categories, My account page, Checkout page, Cart page.

Services we provided:

  • Web development
  • Website design
  • Online store integration

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Maintenance and Support